Matt Mullenweg (Founder Wordpress)

WordPress is a blog service provider sites are highly favored people of the world, and its founder was a very young age and have the spirit of hard work and never give up, here is her story.

Matthew Charles Mullenweg or known by Matt Mullenweg was born on January 11, 1984, in Houston, Texas - United States. In high school, Matt studied Visual and Performing Arts at his school and he was adept at music saxophone. Although studies are not the fields of technology and computer programming, but Matt managed to establish and develop software that is now very popular, Akismet, and his Automattic business.

Beginning Matt and WordPress

WordPress history began when Matt was 18 years (in 2002). At that time, Matt just started to use the blog facility b2cafelog blog. He uses blogs b2 ( to publish the photographs during a trip to Washington DC

However, a few months later, Matt's blog published BBPress place photo stops in developing its software. Because of such conditions, there was some creative thinking of Matt. In January 2003, Matt Mullenweg announced via his blog that he would develop b2 blog so in accordance with web standards at the time.

With his own initiative, with Mike Little Matt began memgembangkan WordPress coding based b2. Then, Mike and Matt along with Valdrighi Michel (former developer b2), began to actively develop WordPress WordPress is born you know today. On May 27, 2003, WordPress version 0.70 released. Version 0.7 is still contains the same file structure with its predecessor, b2cafelog.

At the age of 19 years (March 2003), Matt with his colleagues founded GMPG with a more complex format than HTML. A year later, launching facility WordPress Ping-O-Matic which allows you to send a notification to ping blog search engines like Technorati. And today, Ping-O-Matic has served over 1 million pings per day.

Matthew Mullenweg
Matt Mullenweg, Students DO (Drop Out)
In 2004, bad luck happened to Matt in the field of formal education. He drop-out aka DO and moved from Houston to San Francisco (California) to work at CNET for a year.

Job at CNET for a year is the last time Matt was working at the company. Because at the age of 21 years, Matt has 'early retirement' from company CNET, and he spent his time working for WordPress. Not long out of retirement, he also managed to launch an application that functions to block Akismet comment and trackback are identified as spam.

In the same year, he decided WordPress open to the public throughout the world in November 2005. In the same year, Matt launched the Automattic of a business enterprise that supports WordPress and Akismet.

Youth 22 years of Executive Recruit Yahoo
Entrepreneurial spirit and maturity of Matt in developing WordPress and Akismet have exposed their business into a professional business. In the year 2006 (22 years), youth are able to recruit Matt Oddpost former CEO and Senior Manager Yahoo!, Tony Schneider as CEO of Automattic. A few months after Tony Schneider was in Automattic, Akismet (a subsidiary) is a new 2-year-old less successful earned EUR 1.1 million in April 2006.

Success Matthew Mullenweg
Resources and innovative thinking to myself relentlessness of a Matthew had brought him as a young millionaire. At the age of 25 years, Matthew Mullenweg has managed to become young miliader with wealth not less EUR 40 million (USD 400 billion).

He also was named the 16th of the "50 Most Important People in the World Internet" by PC World in the year 20 07. From the list of those 50 people, only Matt who is the youngest (23 years).

With unique facilities, fast and exciting, WordPress successful 'attract' millions of users. With the addition of thousands of bloggers and hundreds of thousands of new posts every day, WordPress made it into the 30 most active sites in the world. After a Gravatar service in 2007, outstanding issues that the business was founded Matt, Automattic, offered up to USD 200 million, but Matt refused to sell it.


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