Capital courage "Be Yourself", Oprah become the most popular presenter in America and become the richest female celebrities Forbes magazine, with a fortune of more than U.S. $ 1 billion. Copy the "The Oprah Winfrey Show" has been played in almost all corners of this earth.


Born in Mississisipi of African-American couple named Oprah Gail Winfrey. Her father was a former soldier who later became a barber, while his mother was a domestic servant. Because they split up so little Oprah was raised by her grandmother in a shabby environment, and very poor. Extraordinary, at the age of 3 years Oprah has been able to read the Bible aloud.

"Reading is the outlet to get to know the world" he said in an interview.

At the age of 9 years, Oprah experienced sexual harassment, she was raped by her cousin and her friends and going over and over again. At the age of 13 years Oprah must accept the fact of pregnancy and childbirth, but the baby died two weeks after birth.

After that, Oprah ran into her father's house in Nashville. Her father was very hard to educate and discipline. He was obliged to read books and create summarized each week. Despite heavy pressure, but later realized that education is what makes it hard as a strong woman, confident and highly disciplined.

Achievement as a model of high school students elected him vice girls who were invited to the White House. Scholarships also may be upon entering the college level. Oprah's never won a beauty contest, and that's when she first became public view ..

His career began as a local radio announcer while in high school. Career in the TV world in the wake diusia 19 years. He became the first Negro woman and the youngest as a newsreader local TV stations. Oprah's talk show debut in the event TVnya People Are Talking. And the decision to move to Chicago was the one who finally brought Oprah to the top of his career. The Oprah Winfrey Show became the highest-rated talk show national scale ever before in American television history. Really amazing!

Background-poor life, prone to crime and discriminatory harass him to try to help others. Telivisi impressions in the show is always filled with human values, morality and education. Oprah realized, if he could invite all viewers telivisi, then together, will easily make all their dreams to help those who are oppressed.
Oprah is also known by his generosity. Various disantuni foundation has, among others, hospitals and research institutions with AIDS, many schools, people with addiction, people with disabilities and much more.

And finally, on 2 January 2007, Oprah attended the inauguration of a special school girls in town Henley-on-Klip, outside Johannesburg, South Africa, which he founded along with his television audience. Oprah set aside 20 million pounsterling (1 response kira2 rp. 17.000, -) or 340 rupiah milyiar of wealth. "By giving a good education for these women anak2, we will begin to change this country" he hoped.

The story of Oprah Winfrey is the story of a young man who did not want to bemoan fate. He fought hard for the success of his life, and he succeeded. He has a mental steel and able to change fate, of human life to be successful grief that has character. The spirit of struggle deserves our Model!
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