Biography Muhammad Yunus (Inspiratif Story)

Over 30 years of struggle to alleviate poverty has now revealed the results. That picture of the struggle tirelessly committed Muhammad Yunus, an economics professor who later dedicated his life to establishing the bank to reduce poverty in the country, Bangladesh, the Grameen Bank or the name of the village bank.

Thanks to the tireless struggle and full of sincerity, he has been awarded the 2006 Nobel Peace Prize last year, although he is not a statesman or politician, as long as it dominates the Nobel laureate.

He got the award instead of trying to reconcile the war that raged in the world, but thanks to his struggle to win the battle against poverty.
Because, according to the Nobel prize-giving, sustainable peace can not be achieved unless large population to find a way to escape poverty, and that is what initiated since 1974 Jonah ago.

What has been achieved and proven by Muhammad Yunus in fact originated from the simple things, the desire to help a mother to mengentaskannya of poverty. It departs from its concern at the sight of the reality in the country where there are so many poor people threatened with starvation. At that time, he thought, to do something he can do as a fellow human being in order to prevent death, although only one single person.
Apparently, the mother of one, over time more and more mothers are financed by Jonah from the bank to borrow money at the campus where he teaches. He was able to convince the bank, that the villagers would be able to return the money borrowed. And sure enough, from one person who financed Jonah, thanks to perseverance and help assist them, the number continued to grow into the hundreds of people. Then, from a village grew into hundreds of villages. That is the origin of the bank about 25 years later, on October 2, 1983, became an independent statutory bank called Grameen Bank, which is a unique organization founded with the primary purpose of channeling microcredit to the poor in his country.
Since officially became a bank, with a philosophy that continues holding, which does not give a fish but gave to the poor fishing to find their own fish, Grameen Bank continues to grow. In about the year 2003, born June 28, 1940 Chittagong was then also developed a program for eliminating the life of a beggar with the program "The Struggling Members Program". Through the program, approximately 47 thousand more beggars in Bangladesh have helped. And thanks to the program, now thousands of beggars there has to be capable of independent small businesses, without begging for more. Tens of thousands of villages in Bangladesh is now also been cleared of Grameen bank. And, with thousands of employees, plus a variety of programs that directly impact on the community, the bank has grown and even able to provide loans up to billions of American dollars!
The story of Muhammad Yunus is a proof that devotion with sincerity that will provide amazing results. Muhammad Yunus is initially only a professor who wants to help a mother from the slump, are now able to give something far beyond what he imagined, to reduce poverty in his country and was awarded the prestigious Nobel Peace Prize in 2006.
What can we learn from this story of Muhammad Yunus? Start everything from simple, from the small, from what we can. Origin could benefit others, the impact will continue to spread and develop into the good that will continue to be great. Muhammad Yunus is an example of real and personal example of extraordinary. He can use his knowledge, empathy, and a great love of life to answer the needs of many people around with a simple solution at first.


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Muhammad Younus is no doubt an inspiration for all of us. I have read his whole story before and i truly appreciate his noble cause to dedicating his life for supporting poors.

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