Biography 7UP

Of course you know 7up. Brand lime softdrink think this is quite popular in parts of the world. Behind the 7up brand fame seems to have a very interesting story for us to learn about the meaning of "never give up".

The beginning of this company took the name as a brand soda 3up. But unfortunately, these efforts failed. Then come back to fight the founder of the business and renamed 4up. Unfortunately, this product was the same as sebelumnnya fate. Next he tried to get up again and again changed its name to 5up. Failed again. Kecintaanya to make him give up a soda and tried again with a new name 6up. This product had failed and he gave it up.

A few years later, another person appears and makes a soda with a 7up and a great success! Maybe we do not know when our efforts will produce results, but someday that time will surely come. Ga precisely because we know when our success, so we never stop our efforts and decided to give up. 3up fails, make 4up! 4up failed, founded 5up! even though must appear 6up, 7up, 8up, or 100up though, do not ever stop until our efforts to fruition.

Trust that God appreciates our efforts. success has not come to those who fought and lazy quitter. Show the quality of our faith through our perseverance in the fight! KEEP THE SPIRIT!
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