Since childhood, Rowling already has a penchant for writing. even at the age of 6 years, he had concocted a story called Rabbit. He also has a penchant for shameless "shows his work to friends" and his parents. This habit he maintained until adulthood. high imagination, which was also floated his name in the world.

However, in real life, like never stop Rowling suffered a problem. Poor condition, which makes it even within the category of those who are entitled to compensation from the government's poor English, it was he experienced when Rowling wrote Harry Potter series first. Plus the divorce she experienced, hard-paced conditions were even more spurred him to immediately write and complete the story of the little wizard named Harry Potter that his idea can be when he was in a train. In 1995, with difficulty, because it did not have the money to memfotocopy manuscript, Rowling had to copy the script to retype it using a manual typewriter.

Scripts are finally finished with the hard struggle was not immediately accepted, and then exploded on the market. Various rejection of the publisher must he first experienced. Among them, is that he originally sent the manuscript to use his real name, Joanne Rowling. Disparaging view of women writers who are still strong imprison publishers and the books put him cope with the obscure name to JK Rowling. Wearing two consonants with the same hope that he will succeed with favorite children's story writer CS Lewis.

Finally, success came. Harry Potter extraordinary explodes on. All that of course is the result of tenacious attitude and hard work are extraordinary. no paid kesuksedan cheaply.
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