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For some, especially among lovers of poetry, a lover of literature and the Islamic historians. Rumi Jallaludin name 'must be familiar. He is a scholar 'large, the Sufi and also a poet. Along with Sheikh Hisamuddin also, Rumi develop or Maulawiyah Tariqat Jalaliyah. Tariqat in the West known as The Whirling Dervishes (of Darwisy swirling). The name arises because the adherents of this Tariqat perform whirling dances, accompanied by drums and flutes, in their remembrance to reach ecstasy. Or what we often call the dance Darwish. During the last 15 years of his life he managed to produce a large set of poetry and admirable Masnavi named. This book consists of six volumes and contains 20,700 verses of poetry.

Jalaluddin Rumi Maulana Muhammad ibn Hasin al Khattabi al-Bakri (Jalaluddin Rumi) or sometimes called by the name Rumi was a Sufi poet born in Balkh (now Afghanistan) on the 6th Rabi 'al-Awwal 604 Hijri year, or the date of 30 September 1207 AD. His father was descended from Abu Bakr, named Bahauddin Walad. Was his mother came from Khwarazm royal family. Rumi's father was a pious scholar, mystic forward-looking, a famous teacher in Balkh. When 3-year-old Rumi because of clashes in the kingdom of the family left Balkh towards Khorasan. Rumi was taken from there moved to Nishapur, the birthplace of poet and mathematician Omar Khayyam alhi. In this city Attar Rumi met the boy who predict these refugees will be famous someday that will light the fire of passion Godhead.

Collection of Rumi's famous poem called al-Mathnawi al-Maknawi said was a revolution of science Kalam who lost the spirit and strength. Its contents also criticized the steps and direction of philosophy that tends to exceed the limits, and the cult castrated ratio feelings.

Admittedly, that Rumi's poetry has its own characteristics compared to other Sufi poets. Through his poetry Rumi said that the understanding of the world have been accessible only through love, not solely through physical labor. In his poetry Rumi also said that God, as the only objective, no one to match.

Another characteristic that distinguishes the poetry of Rumi the Sufi poet's work is often he began his poem by using stories. But this is not meant he wanted to write a narrative poem. These stories are used as tools of mind and idea statement.

Many found the story in a Rumi poem that seems different but in fact has a symbolic meaning alignment. Some historical figure that she carries is not the historical mean, but it displays them as symbolic images. Figures such as Joseph, Moses, Jacob, Jesus and others he displayed as a symbol of the beauty of the soul which reaches ma'rifat. And indeed these figures known as a person who is overwhelmed by divine love.

There was no living creature in this world is eternal, and everything would come back to Him. On 5 Jumadil H or 672 End December 17, 1273 at the age of 68 years was called to Rumi Rahmatullah. When the body was about to depart, the local people jostling to deliver return. That night his death was known as Sebul Flow (Night Unification). Until now the followers Tariqat Maulawiyah still commemorate that date as the day of his death.

Epitaph AR-Jalaluddin Rumi
When we die, do not search our tomb in the earth, but look at the human heart.

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He was the best poet and scholar of his time. I have read all of his books which is inspirational for the youth. I must say that best written biography ever. Loads of appreciation.


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