Biography Bibit Samat Rianto (Leadership Fight corruption institutions in Indonesia)

Samat Rianto seeds probably familiar ditelinga observe our political and legal developments in the homeland. He is one of the leaders of the most ferocious Commission in this homeland. By the time the end of 2009 yesterday, he stuck with Chandra Hamzah bribery case which was not proven. Seeds Samat Rianto is an honest, dedicated and very simple for-General as his size. Countries such as Indonesia needs of Seed Samat Riyanto more to anti-bribery, anti-corruption and full kesderhanaan. How the story of his life journey, here is a very inspiring biography and deserve our Model.

Inspector General (Ret.) Dr.. Rianto Bibid Samad, MM was born on November 3, 1945 in Kediri - East Java. He lived and grew up dikeluarga simple. His parents worked on the market as determined sewing, making small seeds are not familiar with the market life, he fights like a bully and makes a market.

Seed Samat Riyanto life very complicated. Parents only afford to send him to junior high school graduation, but the seedlings did not want that as a result pustus school on my own seeds for school finance by working as a coolie weaving. After his high school education menyeleseikan went to Police Academy (AKPOL) and graduated in 1970. after graduation he immediately mengapdikan him for 30 years to the police. During his many dikepolisian office occupies a prestigious position include: Chief of Police of North Jakarta, Central Jakarta police chief, Wakapolda East Java and East Kalimantan police chief. Seeds retired from the police on July 15, 2000 with the rank of Inspector General last. Top service and devotion for duty, he got a variety of decorations and awards. Among them: Medal of Loyalty, Dwidya Medal of Sista, Nararya Bhayangkara Star, Star Nararya Yudha Dharma, Star Bhayangkara Pratama.

During the police chief of East Kalimantan in the late 1990s, the seed is known firm of illegal logging cases. During itupula he was often tempted by bribes bribing timber brokers. At that time he had been offered bribes tens of billions. But the seeds firmly rejected the bribe. Seeds 'graduated from the temptations of' bribes.
Seedlings at least managed to handle 234 cases of illegal logging. Seed claimed that most of the cases handled dare bribe an average of Rp 500 million per case. However, all the bribes rejected by the Bibit, because contrary to law and conscience. Imagine, If only he would accept a bribe half the cases he handled, the seedlings can be earned USD 58.5 billion and became a wealthy general of police. But the seeds prefer a simple life. Worked for nearly 37 years (the police for 30 years + teaching for 7 years), in 2007 all the assets (houses, land, vehicles, savings) not more than $ 1.9 billion. Total number is relatively small wealth than other police generals, so the seedlings can be called "general kere".

Although retired two-star police general and later became a lecturer and became vice chairman last Commission, Seeds and his family lived simply. With such a high rank, he should be living in elite housing. But, not so Seed. This kroncong art lovers were real ¬ a simple life in ordinary homes. Seed's residence is located in the village ¬ Pedu Renan, rear housing Griya Kencana I, Ciledug, Tangerang. The following reviews seed story (especially his wife) from the results of interviews journalist Jawapos on October 17, 2009.

From the highway, the village did not have their own entrance. To achieve this, ha ¬ rus Nebeng housing entrance, then through the narrow streets that only one car passed enough. After that, just got in the township pa ¬ dat population, where the family lived seeds. Seedlings in front of the house facing west is vacant land there ¬ bia sa residents used to burn trash. Be smoke and the smell of burning garbage Seed familiar with the family.

Right beside it is the former house, now overgrown pond weeds. De ¬ huddled with the house, there is not the extent of the building. The place is used for the street vendors carts ¬ nitipan neighbors who were around the food trade ¬.
Actually, the house was inhabited ¬ Seeds since 1992 is quite broad. ¬ The house itself was on an area of 600 square meters. There are quite spacious yard in front of the house. Du ¬ lu, these pages often used by neighbors to practice music keroncong.

However, the whole building is far from luxurious. "Yes, how? Although the police, mam ¬ who have bought segini yes, "said Sugihar ¬ ti Seed Samat isitri Java Rianto to the post at the residence last Saturday (17/10). The land was purchased seed from his men for USD $ 2 thousand per square meter in 1989. When the seedlings have become secondary officers.
According Sugiharti, before living in these places, their families live in housing of Cicurug ¬ Beautiful, not far from home now. Her house type 45. But, because standing in the river area, housing is often subject to flooding. "We used to live there. If it floods, (a pool of water, Red) to three meters, "he explained. Finally, in 1991 they decided to move into the house now.

Seeds continue to live pak perjuanganmu do not let the corruption rampant in this country which we love. Indonesia needs of young seedlings as the seedlings Samat Rianto more to be a state that is free from corruption. Kesederhanaanmu, your honesty, we as ketegasanmu mengispirasi young generation to build a better nation.


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