Biography Imam Syafi'i

He is Abu Abdullah Muhammad ibn Idris ibn Abbas ibn Uthman ibn Shafi

Saib ibn Ubayd ibn Yazid ibn Abdu Hashim bin Al - Mutthalib bin Qushai Abdi Manaf ibn al-Qurasyi Al - Mathalib Ash - Shafi'i al-Hijazi al-Makki, the child's uncle Alai Messenger of Allaah wa sallam who met the Prophet at silsilsilahnya Abdu Manaf.
The scholars agreed that he was born in 150 Hegira, ie in the year
the death of Imam Abu Hanifah Rahimahumullah. In fact, some say if he was born on the same day as Abu Hanifa Deceased.

Imam An-Nawawi said, "Know that the true Imam Shafi'i
is including human choices and have a noble character with a role
is very important in the history of Islam.

In the self-Imam ash-Shafi'i collected a variety of gifts glory of God, in
nasab them holy Prophet nasabnya met in one lineage nasab and a very good all this is the highest glory of the material invaluable.

Beginning his education and intelligence

Abu Na'em with narrators of Abu Bakr ibn Idris clerk Imam Al-Humaidi, from the Imam Shafi'i, he said, I was an orphan under the care of my mother. My mother did not have the funds to pay for a teacher to teach me. However, a teacher has allowed me to study with him, when he taught others. When I finished mengkhatamkan the Qur'an, I then entered the mosque to follow the lessons given to the scholars. In this study, I memorize the hadith and religious issues. At that time I was still living in Mecca, the tribe khif.

As a result of poverty, when I saw the bone-like board, then
My bones were taken to I use to write hadiths and some religious issues. In our area there is a trash can, when I write the bones were full, so I throw a bone there.

Imam Al - Bayhaqi with sanadnya of Mus'ab ibn Abd az-Zabiri, he
said, "Imam Ash-Shafi 'i started scientific activities with sya'ir learning, history and literature. After that, new to his world of jurisprudence. "

Because interest Imam Shafi'i fiqh begins on one occasion he walked by riding animals, was secretary happened behind Ubay was followed.

Departure from this speech, Imam Ash-Shafi'i sya'ir chanted verse,
that Ubay secretary to run the vehicle accelerate faster for him. When he was approached by Imam Ash-Shafi'i, he then said "people like you will lose muru'ah if this serperti only just. Where is the field of fiqh ability?

Departure from this Imam Ash-Shafi'i, studied fiqh to Imam Malik ibn
Anas. Adz-Dzabi said "from Imam Ash-Shafi'i, he said:" I've come to Imam Malik, a new age was 13 years old, so based on this history. But the Zahir, seems to age at the time was twenty-three years.

Before the coming of Imam Malik, I first went to relatives
my cousin who served as mayor medina. Then my cousin took me
to Imam Malik, and my cousin said to me, "seek an order to select the reading Qur of yours!" Then I said, I'm looking for a teacher to read Al-Qur-an! Then, I have my reading to Imam Malik. Perhaps my reading was far away, but he asked me to repeat it, so I had to repeat the reading of Al-Qur'anku fascinated him more amazed, when I asked Imam Malik and answered some of the problems, the Imam Malik then said "if you want to be a judge "

Having studied the Imam Malik. Imam Ash-syfi'i then moved to Yemen, from
Yemen and then he moved to Iraq to occupy himself in the science of religion. In Iraq he was arguing with Muhammad ibn al-Hasan and other clerics. where he spread the science of Hadith, and helped establish the development madzhabnya Sunnah. The result, the names and virtues of Imam Ash-Shafi'i and the spread up to his name known to rise into the sky meets the earth every Muslim land.

To which compliments the Ulama
Na'em Abu Al-Hafiz said, "among the clergy have the perfect priest,
knowledgeable and remove it, have a high scientific, noble and generous. Such clergy are at a time when a dark light that explains all the difficulties and science to illuminate the eastern parts of the West.

Madzhabnya followed by many people, whether living on land and sea
because madzhabnya based on the Sunnah, and something that atsar agreed Ansar companions and immigrants, and are drawn from the words of the priest option. The mullah is Abdilllah Abu Muhammad ibn Idris ash-Shafi'i Al-Aimmah Al-Ahbar al-Hijazi al-Muthalibi.

From Ayyub bin Suwaid, he said, "I never imagined that
in my life I can meet with people like Imam Ash-Shafi'i.

Ar-Razi said, "the real tributes and praise of the scholars of the Imam
Shafi'i very much and countless.

Worship, Kewara'an and Kezuh udannya
Nasr ibn Bahr said, "at the time of Imam Ash-Shafi'i, I've never seen and
hear someone who devoted and wira'i melebi Imam Ash-Shafi'i. So did I never hear anyone recite the Qur'an with a better sound from it. "

Al - Hussain Al Karabisi said, "I slept with Ash-Shafi'i for
eight and forty nights, he was always praying about a third of the night. In sholatnya, I also never saw him reading the Qur'an is less than eighty verses, even if more is not more than a hundred verses, when read a paragraph that contains a mercy, so he always prayed for him and all believers. And when reading the paragraph that contains adzab, so he always begged protection from God for himself and all believers. If I noticed, though it is as full of fear and hope come together and unite as one in him.

Ibn Abd al-Hakam said that Imam Ash-Shafi'i was the most
generous for something that he had. When he passed us and did not see me then he left a message for me to come kerumahnya. Therefore, I often eat lunch at home.

When I sat down with him for lunch, so he sent a slave
daughter to cook food for us. Then he remained faithful to wait on table
ate until we were finished from makan.Dari Ar-Rabi 'bin sulaiman, he said, "when the Imam ash-Shafi'i was meniki donkey through the marketplace, then whip in hand unconsciously fell about one a cobbler, so he went downstairs to take a whip and wiped person. Then Imam Ash-Shafi'i said Ar-Rabi ', "give money Dinar that is in you to him," Ar-Rabi' thanks' I do not know, six or nine dinars which I give to the cobbler.

Following the Sunnah and determination against Expert Celaannya Bid'ah
Abu Ja'far al-Tirmidhi, he says, "when I wanted to write a book about thinking, suddenly in his sleep I dream to meet with the Prophet. I asked him, O Messenger of Allah, if I need to write the thoughts of Imam Ash-Shafi'i? So he said, "really was not thinking, however, it is a disproof of those people who oppose the Sunnah-sunnahku.

When Someone asked, "O Abu Abdallah, whether we should remove
Hadith of the Prophet's authentic and I do not use it, so I testify to you that my mind has gone.

On another occasion Imam Ash-Shafi'i said, "If the hadith is
saheeh then know that Allah is mazhabku.

Shafi'i, once said, "No servant to do all kinds of sins except shirk
God is still better than the servant who played with bemain Desire.

Work intelligence and his work brings benefits
Imam Ash-Shafi'i was the first time working in the field of Usul al-Fiqh and Ahkam al-Qur'an. The scholars and leading scholars in studying the works of Imam ash-Shafi'i and benefited from it.

Imam Ash-Shafi'i has written the book Ar-Risalah. And at that time Imam ash-Shafi'i was still very young. And many more of his work the other.

And he is also good at poetry and said pearls, such as:
-Science is not something to be memorized, but the science is something that is useful.
-Anyone who justifies the doctrine of God, then he will survive. Whoever
attention to his religion, then he will be safe from the kehinaan.barangsiapa zuhud
world, then his heart will be appeased God by showing him
good replies.

Teacher and Student-muridn yes
His teachers: Al-Hafiz said, "Imam ash-Shafi'i Muslims studied to khalid bin Az-Zanji, Imam Malik ibn Anas, Ibrahim ibn Sa'ad, Sa'id bin Salim Al-Qaddah, Ad-Darawardi, Abdul Wahab-Thaqafi, and many others.

His disciples: It is Sulaiman bin Dawood al-Hasyimi, Abu Bakr Abdullah
Az-Zubair bin Al-Humaidi, Ibrahim bin al-Mundhir Al-Hizami, Imam Ahmad bin carpet, and others.

He wills
Actuali his intestate to himself and those who hear
his will is to keep justifying what God made lawful in His Book and the Prophet permitted him, and forbid what is forbidden in the Sunnah of His messenger.

Do not exceed the limits and conditions that dihalkan
forbidden by this other thing. Those who transgress these regulations limit means leaving the obligations established by God.

Illness and Death of He
He suffered from a chronic illness, until until the blood flowed when he
was up kenderaannya. It spilled blood flow to meet the pair, for vehicles and the soles of his feet.

Ar-Rabi 'bin Sulaiman said, "Imam ash-Shafi'i died on Friday night
after maghrib. At that time I was beside him. His body was buried in
days after ashar Friday, the last day of the month rajab. When we returned from accompanying the body we see the moon in the year 204 Hijri sya'ban.

So that we can describe a little about the biography of Imam Ash-Shafi'i.
Once known, this tersa heart longed to enjoy with the perfect mind, radiance and grace kepadaiannya words. Bishowab Allaah knows best.

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