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Edison's invention of the ball apling phenomenal lights, if there are no words of Thomas Alva Edison, perhaps the world's darkness there's no light at night, maybe just light a candle or a torch that lights us at night. We as a generation later to respect for all services discovery. Here aladalh biography of Thomas Alva Edison


He was born in Milan, Ohio, United States on February 11, 1847. In his childhood in the United States, Edison always got bad grades in school. Therefore, his mother let him out of school and teach them at home. At home with a small Edison can freely read scientific books and began to hold up a variety of scientific experiments alone.

Although no schools, small Edison exhibit a deep curiosity and always wanted to try. Before reaching school age he was dissecting the animals, not to torture these animals, but driven by pure curiosity large. At the age of eleven Edison built a simple chemical laboratory in the basement of his father's house. A year later he managed to make a telegraph that although the shape of primitive but functional.
At age 12 she began working as a newspaper seller, fruit and sweets on the train. Then he became a telegraph operator, he moved from one city to another. In New York he was asked to become head of an important telegraph machine. The machines were sent to all business news leading company in New York.


1861 year civil war between the states north and south. This topic to the attention of people. Thomas Alva Edison saw this opportunity and bought an old printing equipment for 12 bucks, and then print their own newspaper called "Weekly Herald". This newspaper was the first newspaper printed on a train and fairly sold. Oplahnya reached 400 a day.

At this time Edison was almost lost his hearing due to an accident. But he did not regard it as defective even consider it as an advantage because he has a lot of time to think than to listen to empty talk.

In 1868 Edison got a job as a telegraph operator in Boston. Spent all his spare time to conduct engineering experiments. This year also he found the electric intercom system.

Thomas Alva Edison received his first patent for the electric vote recorder tool but nothing is interested in buying so he switched to a commercial discovery. The first invention is the development of commercial stock ticker. Edison sells penemuaannya to a company and get money for 40,000 dollars. This money is used by Edison to open a company and a laboratory in Menlo Park, New Jersey. In this laboratory he spawned a variety of discovery and change the pattern of life most of the people in the world.

In 1877 he found a phonograph. In this year also he busied himself with the problem at that time to the attention of many researchers: incandescent lamps. Edison realized how important such a light source for the life of mankind. Edison therefore devote all her energy and time, and spend the money as many as 40,000 dollars over a period of two years to make a light bulb experiment. The problem is how to find fluorescent materials can reply when electrified, but not burned. A total of approximately 6000 materials tried. Through the efforts Edison, finally, on October 21, 1879 was born the first electric incandescent lamp capable of burning for 40 hours.
In 1882 he installed electric lights in the streets and houses as far as one kilometer in the city of New York. This is the first time in the world of electric lights in use on the streets. In 1890, he founded the General Electric company.

There are many other Edison inventions useful. Overall Edison had 1039 patents produced. His discovery is rarely mentioned among others: printing telegraph, electric pen, the process of magnetic mines, torpedoes electricity, synthetic rubber, alkaline batteries, cement mixer, microphone, carbon telephone transmitter and motion picture projector.

Thomas Edison was also instrumental in the field of cinema. He combines photographic film that George Eastman had developed into the film industry that produces millions of dollars it is today. He also made the Black Maria, a mobile film studio that was built in revolving lines.

He died at the age of 84, on the anniversary of the famous inventions, the modern light bulb.
In 1928 he received the award in the form of a special medal from the United States Congress.

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