Ever heard the Friendster social networking site? It is said that through the site, many people who never met a long time, could get back together, reunian, and even soul mates. Therefore, friendship site that some time ago had very popular. Therefore, do not be surprised if after a successful era of Friendster, the social networking sites popping up. One of them is Facebook.

Facebook was actually created as a social networking site limited to college among the creators, ie, Mark Zuckerberg. Harvard University students are, at the time, trying to make a program that can connect my friends one campus. For this reason, the name of the site was initiated by Mark Facebook.
This name he took from the book Facebook, which is a book that usually contains a list of community members in a single campus. In a number of colleges and Preparatory schools in the United States, this book is given to students or new faculty staff in order to get to know other people on campus concerned.

In about the year 2004, Mark's hobby tinkering with the program website creation managed to write code original Facebook from his dorm room. To make this site, it only takes about two per week. Born in May 1984 it was then announced its Web site and attract colleagues to join. Only within a relatively short-about two weeks, Facebook has been able to capture two-thirds more students at Harvard as a permanent member.

Facebook can be found a strong magnet to attract more people to join, he decided to follow in the footsteps senior-Bill Gates-chose to drop out for that menyeriusi site. Together with three colleagues-andre McCollum, Dustin Moskovitz and Chris Hughes, Mark then Facebook opened membership to the public.

Mark was not just desperate. He had many reasons for preferring menyeriusi Facebook. Mark and his colleagues managed to make Facebook a social networking site which immediately soared name, Friendster trend is also developing at that time. However, in order to have value, Mark was processed Facebook with additional features. And, like extra feature that makes Facebook more and more mainstream. Imagine, There are 9373 applications that are divided into 22 categories that can be used to animate Facebook page, start chats, games, instant message, to political affairs and various other things. Remarkably again, the nature of the membership of this site is very open. Thus, the data are made each person more clearly than sites of friends the other. This is what makes people more comfortable with Facebook to find friends, both those already known or to find new acquaintances in different parts of the world.

Since 2004 the emergence of Facebook year ago, members continue to thrive. Percentage increase is more than seniors, Friendster. The site had recorded 60 million people visited, and even dared to target Mark Zuckerberg in 2008, the figure will reach 200 million members.
With various advantages and the amount outstanding enthusiasts, Facebook has become 'commodities' that are sold. No wonder, the software giant Microsoft is interested ask for her hand. And, supposedly, to have only a 1.6 percent stake it, Microsoft needs to raise no less than U.S. $ 240 million. This means that the value of Facebook stock capitalization can be reached U.S. $ 15 billion! No wonder, Mark later crowned as the youngest billionaire in the history of the start of his own.

Mark Zuckerberg intention to sekadar'menyatukan 'campus community in a network was a big impact. This has led men 23-year-old became the youngest billionaire in history. Indeed, carefulness saw an opportunity and good intentions can actually be combined into a value added incredible. This becomes an example for us, that good intentions plus a struggle and perseverance in working opportunity will bear the opportunity that can change lives more meaningful.

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