Biography Band Radiohead

Radiohead is a British alternative rock band from Abingdon, Oxfordshire, was established in 1985. The band consists of Thom Yorke (vocals, rhythm guitar, piano, rap), Jonny Greenwood (lead guitar, keyboards, other instruments), Ed O'Brien (guitar, vocals), Colin Greenwood (bass guitar, synthesizers) and Phil Selway (drums, percussion).

Radiohead released their first single, "Creep", in 1992. The song was initially successful, but it became a hit around the world a few months after the launch of their debut album, Pablo Honey (1993). Radiohead's popularity rose in the United Kingdom with the release of their second album, The Bends (1995). The third album Radiohead, OK Computer (1997), encouraging them to international fame is greater. Which displays a broad sound and themes of modern alienation, OK Computer has often been recognized as a landmark record of the 1990s.

Kid A (2000) and Amnesiac (2001) marked the evolution of musical styles Radiohead, as the group entered the experimental electronic music, Krautrock, post-punk and jazz. Hail to the Thief (2003), a mixture of guitar driven rock, electronic and lyrics inspired by the war, was the main band's final album for the label, EMI. The band's first six albums, released through EMI, has sold more than twenty-five million copies in the year 2007. Radiohead independently released their seventh album, In Rainbows (2007).

Formation and First Years (1985-1991)

The musicians who formed Radiohead met while attending Abingdon School, only boys public school in Abingdon, Oxfordshire. Thom Yorke and Colin Greenwood were in the same year, Ed O'Brien and Phil Selway is one year older and Jonny Greenwood two years younger than his brother, Colin. In 1985 they formed the band "On a Friday", a name that refers to the usual practice on Friday in the school music room. The group played their first show at the end of 1986 at Oxford's Jericho Tavern; Jonny Greenwood originally joined as a harmonica and keyboard player, but after that he became a guitarist.

Although Yorke, O'Brien, Selway, Colin Greenwood and graduated from Abingdon in 1987, the band continued to work out on weekends and holidays. In 1991, when all the members except Jonny had completed a university degree, were reunited on Friday, began recording as the Manic Hedgehog demo, and do a show Koser or around Oxford. Oxfordshire and the Thames Valley is an active indie actor since the late 1980s, but centered around shoegazing bands like Ride and Slowdive; On Friday does not match the trend at that time, many commented that they had missed during trne music they graduated from university.

However, some live performances on Friday begin often held, record labels and producers became interested. Chris Hufford, Slowdive producer and owner of Oxford's Courtyard Studios, attended the concert on Friday at the Jericho Tavern. Impressed by the performance of the band, he and his partner Bryce Edge, made a demo tape and became a manager, they remain a band manager to this day. After a chance meeting between Colin Greenwood and EMI, which was represented by Keith Wozencroft the record store where Greenwood worked, the band signed a six-album recording contract with the label in late 1991. At the request of EMI, the band changed their name to Radiohead, inspired by the title of a Talking Heads song "True Stories album.

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Biography Adolf Hitler

Adolf Hitler was born in 1889 in Braunau, Austria. As a teenager he was a failed artist who neglected and sometimes in her young age she became a fanatical German nationalist. At the time of World War I, he entered the German Army, was wounded and got two medals for bravery.

The defeat of Germany membikinnya devastated and angry. In the year 1919 when the old stepping thirty years, he joined a small right-wing party in Munich, and the party immediately changed its name to Nationalist Workers' Party of Germany (Nazi summarized). Within two years he rose to be leader without a rival in the German nickname called "Fuehrer."

Under the leadership of Hitler, the Nazi party with incredible speed into a force and in November 1923 failed kupnya experiment. Coup known as "The Munich Beer Hall Putsch." Hitler was arrested, accused of being a traitor, and proven guilty. However, he was released from jail after languishing there for less than a year.

In the year 1928 the Nazi party is still a small party. However, major depression make people dissatisfied with political parties large and established. In these circumstances the Nazi party become stronger, and in January 1933, when the age of forty-four years, Hitler became Chancellor of Germany.

With the title, Hitler quickly and efficiently establish a dictatorship by using government officials confront all opposition groups. Keep in mind, this process is not over the erosion of civil liberties and rights defend themselves against criminal charges, but worked with slashes of lightning and very often the Nazi party did not bother with the procedure in court at all. Many political opponents beaten, even killed on the spot. However, before the outbreak of World War 2, Hitler won the support of most of the German population because he managed to suppress the amount of unemployment and make economic improvements.

Hitler then set up road to conquests which ultimately brought the world into the cauldron of World War-2. He won his first regional wars virtually without passing at all. England and France, surrounded by various kinds of economic difficulties, because it was so wanted peace so that they do not give a damn when Hitler betrayed the Versailles Agreement by building the German Armed Forces. Similarly, they do not take care when Hitler occupied the fort and strengthen the Rhineland (1936), and so also when Hitler annexed Austria (March 1938). Even they have received while nodding when Hitler annexed the Sudetenland, Czechoslovakia border stronghold. International approval, known as the "Munich Pact" that the UK and France are expected as a result of the purchase of "Peace of all time" left to be trampled, and they were dumbfounded when Hitler seized Czechoslovakia in part because several months later Czechoslovakia utterly helpless. At each stage, Hitler cleverly combines arguments to justify his actions with the threat that he would be a war if the desire is considered quiet, and at each stage of democratic countries to feel discouraged and weakened back.

However, the UK and France determined to defend Poland, Hitler's next target. First Hitler protect themselves by signing a pact "not to attack each other" in August 1939 with Stalin (essentially aggression treaty agreements because they agree on how to split the Polish for the interests of each). Nine days later, Germany invaded Poland, and sixteen days after the Soviet Union do the same. Although England and France declared war on Germany, Poland soon be conquered.

Intensity peak years of Hitler was in 1940. In April, the armed forces confront Danish and Norwegian. In May, he hit the Netherlands, Belgium, and Luxembourg. In June, French bend the knee. But in England the same year to survive the death of the German air attack, known by the nickname "Battle of Britain" and Hitler was never able to set foot on British earth.

German forces conquered Greece and Yugoslavia in April 1941. And in June the same year Hitler tore up 'agreement not to attack each other "with the Soviet Union and opened the attack. German Army could occupy a very large part of Russian territory but was unable to completely disarm before winter. Although the fight against England and Russia, unmitigated Hitler declared war with the United States in December 1941 and several days later Japan confront the United States, ransacked the naval base at Pearl Harbor.

In mid-1942 Germany had controlled the bulk of European territory that could never be done by anyone else in history. Moreover, he controlled North Africa. The turning point occurred in half of the war both in 1942 when Germany was defeated in a complex battle at El-Alamein in Egypt and Stalingrad in Russia. After this setback, good fortune which had been gradually umbrella-German troops are still left gradually. However, despite the German defeat seemed inevitable, Hitler refused to surrender. Not that he was getting scared, penggasakan instead continued for more than two years after Stalingrad. The bitter end of the story occurs in the spring of 1945. Hitler committed suicide in Berlin on 30 April and seven days after the Germans surrendered.

During the period of power, Hitler was involved in acts of mass murder that there was no standard match in history. He was a fanatic racist, special to the Jews who done with bubbling hatred. He publicly announced kill every Jew in the world. In his reign, the Nazis built big kampkamp exile, equipped with a gas chamber. In each area the territory, people, innocent people, men and women and children were herded and thrown into cattle cars for the next revoked his life in the gas chambers. Within just a few years about 6,000,000 Jews were returned to the afterlife.

Jews are not the only ones who became victims of Hitler. In the reign of dictatorship, the people of Russia and Gypsy are also cleared, as well as against the people who are considered, including low or racial enemies of the state. Never imagined this murder do spontaneously, or in hot conditions and the heat of battle. But Hitler had built the camp with the organization mautt a neat and carefully as if he designed a large business enterprise. Structured data, the number assigned, and the bodies were systematically stripped down the members of his teeth are valuable as gold and wedding rings. Also many of the bodies used for a soap factory. So closely by the Hitler assassination plan that even at the end of the war will end, when the Germans lack the materials for the use of both civilian and military, cattle car continued rolling toward the camps in the framework of the mission killing non-military terror.

In many ways, it was obvious notoriety of Hitler will be finished. First, he was widely regarded by the world's most devilish human beings throughout history. If people like Nero and Caligula is one step so it does not mean when compared to Hitler and Hitler still remain a symbol of cruelty during the 20th century, when melesetlah seems no one foresaw that Hitler not so bad terlawankan reputation in history will be remembered for the decades centuries.

More than that, of course, Hitler will be remembered as the culprit to the outbreak of World War-2, the biggest war ever happened on earth. The progress of nuclear weapons as an impossibility that will happen large-scale war in the future. Therefore, even two or three thousand years from now, World War 2 might still be considered a big event in history.

Furthermore, Hitler will remain popular because the whole story about him was so scary and interesting, how a stranger (Hitler was born in Austria, not Germany), how one who has no political experience at all, no money, no political connections, able to -in a period less than fourteen years, became the leader of a prominent world power, truly amazing. His ability as an orator really extraordinary. Measured by its ability to move masses of important actions, can be said that Hitler was the greatest orator in history. Finally, how dirty the lift to the summit of power, it will not terpegang hands quickly forgotten.

Perhaps no figure in history who has so much influence on Adolf Hitler than his generation. In addition to tens of millions of people who died in the war which he responsible, or those who died in concentration camps, are still millions and millions of people terlunta-lunta without shelter or who live apart by war.

Other estimates of the influence of Hitler should consider two factors. First, many of which actually happened under his leadership would never have happened if no Hitler. (In this regard she is very different from such figures as Charles Darwin or Simon Bolivar). Of course, true that the situation in Germany and Europe to provide an opportunity for Hitler. Passion military and anti-Jewish, for example, is stunning his audience. No there were signs, for example, that most of the Germans in the 1920s or 1930s as the government intended to have set in motion by Hitler, and very few signs that German leaders would do the same Other Hitler. What Hitler did not have the slightest thought would happen by the observers.

Second, the entire Nazi movement is controlled by a leader to extraordinary levels. Marx, Lenin, Stalin and other leaders both have a role to the growth of Communism. However, National Socialism had no prominent leaders before the emergence of Hitler, so there is no afterwards. Hitler led the party to power and stay on top. When he died, the Nazi party and government that led to death with him.

However, despite the influence of Hitler on his generation was so large, a result of his actions in the future seems not how much. Hitler was pretty much a total failure to complete the ideal goal of any, and the consequences that appear on the next generation in fact the opposite of what he wanted. For example, Hitler intended to spread the influence of Germany and German territory. However, his conquests areas, although very large, only a brief and temporary nature. And now even West Germany and East Germany combined into one are still smaller than the Republic of Germany when Hitler became head of government.

Hitler's desire is encouraged to slaughter Jews. But fifteen years after Hitler came to power, an independent Jewish state stands for the first time in 2000 years. Hitler hated both Communism and the Soviet Union. However, after her death, and partly due to the start of the war, the Russians even expand his territory in the vast territory in eastern Europe and the influence of Communism in the developing world even more. Hitler intended to squeeze even destroy democracy, not only in other countries but in Germany itself. However, West Germany is now a democratic country and its people runs look more hated dictatorship than any generation before the time of Hitler.

And why there is a strange combination of the extraordinary influence of the time he ruled with such a tiny effect on subsequent generations? The consequences of Hitler posed during his life so huge that it became clear Hitler was placed in the proper sequence is rather high in this book list.

Yet, of course he should be placed under figures like Shih Huang Ti, Augustus Caesar and Genghis Khan's actions affect the world of power long after the demise of reach. The almost parallel position with Hitler was Napoleon and Alexander the Great. In such a short time, Hitler was able to tear apart the world far worse than the men. Hitler placed under their order because they have a longer effect.

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Biography Ibnu Sina

In the history of medieval philosophical thought, the figure of Ibn Sina in many respects unique, was among the Muslim philosophers he was not only unique, but also gain a greater appreciation into modern times. He is the one - the only great philosopher of Islam who has successfully built a complete system of philosophy and detail, a system that has dominated the Muslim philosophical tradition several centuries.

These influences manifest not only because he has a system, but because the system that he has appeared indicating authenticity of the soul of genius in finding a method - the method and reason - a reason which is required to reformulate the purely rational thought and intellectual traditions of Hellenism which he had inherited and further in the religious system of Islam.

Ibn Sina's full name is Abu Ali Husain Ibn Abdallah Ibn Sina. He was born in the year 980 AD in Asfshana, a place near Bukhara. His parents were high officials in the administration of Bukhara Saman.Di dynasty he grew up and studied medicine and philosophy of science - the science of Islamic religion. When the age of ten years he has been studying Islam and memorize the whole Qur'an. From mutafalsir Abu Abdellah Natili, Ibn Sina guidance on the science of elementary logic to study the book Isagoge and Porphyry, Euclid and Al-Magest-Ptolemus. And after his teacher he was deeply moved theology and metaphysics, especially from the teachings of Plato and pure Arsitoteles with the help of commentators - commentators of the authoritarian author of the Greek translated into Arabic.

With the sharpness of his mind he had a lot of studying philosophy and branches - branches, enough seriousness of this amazing show that otodidaknya altitude, but on one occasion he had to wait as he stared explore its metaphysical science Arisstoteles, despite the time already read 40. Only after he had read the book Agradhu ma li li waraet thabie'ah his Aristho Al-Farabi (870 to 950 AD), all problems have answers and explanations of light, like he's got the key to all metaphysical science mistress. So with sincere he admitted that he became a loyal disciple of al-Farabi.

After that he studied medicine at the Isa bin Yahya, a CE. Not to mention his age exceeds sixteen years, expertise in medical science has known people, even many people who come to learn from him. He was not quite with the theory - the theory of medicine, but also to practice and treat people - people sakit.Ia never bored or restless in the reading of books - books of philosophy and each time the face of adversity, so he asked God for guidance was given, and it application It never disappointed. Often - often because of exhaustion she fell asleep reading, then in his sleep that he saw a solution to the difficulties - difficulties that it faces.
17-year-old when he was known as a doctor and the court calls the prince never treat Mansur ibn Nuh so recovered his health. Since then, Ibn Sina very well received, and may also visit the library filled with books - books are hard to come by, and then read with all the fun. For one thing, the library is on fire, then people are inflicted to the charge that he deliberately set fire, so that others can not take advantage of the library. Ability Ibn Sina in the field of philosophy and medicine, the two both the same weight. In the field of medicine he presented Al-Qanun fit-Tibb it, where modern medical science learned a lesson, because this book other than a complete, systematically drawn.

In the field of materialistic medeica, Ibn Sina has a lot to find a new vegetable materials Zanthoxyllum budrunga - which grow - plants banayak help against certain diseases such as bebebrapa meningitis (miningitis).Ibn Sina also as the first person who discovered the human blood circulation, where six hundred years later perfected by William Harvey. He was also the first time say that baby is still in the womb during take food through the umbilical cord.

He is also the first - first practice surgery disease - swelling of malignant disease, and sew. And last but not list him as a doctor also known psychiatrist in a way - the modern way which is now called psychotherapy.

In the field of philosophy, Ibn Sina considered a priest of the philosophers of his time, even before and after. Ibn Sina and self-taught original genius that not only the Islamic world it was a flattering one glittering stars emit their own light, which is not a loan so that Roger Bacon, the famous philosopher of the Western European states in the Middle Ages in the Islamic Regacy of his Gullaume Alfred;

"Most of the Aristotle's philosophy can not give the slightest influence in the West, because his book is hidden somewhere, and if there is, it gets very difficult and very hard to be understood and loved people in the war - a war that reigned in sebeleah lela East, until the time of Ibn Sina and Ibn Rushd and other Eastern poets also proves again the philosophy of Aristotle is accompanied by lighting and extensive information. "

In addition to his ability as flosof and doctors, she began to write poetry. Science - science as psychology, medicine and chemistry is written in the form of poetry. So was found to be a book - a book he made for the science of logic with a poem.
Most of the books - his books have been copied into Latin. When people - the middle of the century Europe, began to use the book - the book as a textbook, dipelbagai university. Hence the name of Ibn Sina in the Middle Ages in Europe is very influential.

In the Islamic world the book - the book of Ibn Sina's famous, not only because of the density of his knowledge, but because its language is good and the way he writes is very bright. In addition to writing in Arabic, Ibn Sina also wrote in Persian. Book - his book in Persian, was published in Tehran in 1954.The work - the work of the famous Ibn Sina in the field of Philosophy is the As-Shifa, An-Najat and Al signal. An-Najat is a resum of the book Al-Shifa. Al-Signal, dikarangkannya then, to the science of Sufism. Apart from that, he has written essays - a short essay called Maqallah. Most maqallah was written when he received the inspiration in something new and immediately form dikarangnya.

Though he lived in a time full of shock and are often preoccupied with state problems, he wrote about two hundred and fifty works. Among the most famous works are "Qanun" which is a compendium of Islamic medicine and taught up to now in the East. This book dterjemahkan to baasa Latin and taught at the Universita centuries old West. The work is both monumental ensiklopedinya "Kitab Al-Syifa". This work is the culmination of philosophy in Islam paripatetik.

Ibn Sina, known in the West with a Avicena (Spain Aven Sina), and his fame in the West as a doctor beyond fame as a philosopher, so he gave them the title "the Prince of the Physicians'. In the Islamic world he is known by the name of al-Shaykh al-Rais. The main leaders (of philosophers - philosophers).
Although he was the recognized as a leader in the faith, worship and scholarship, but for him to drink - alcohol is allowed, as long as not to satisfy lust. Drinking - liquor is prohibited because of bias caused hostility and conflict, whereas if he drank not even sharpen the mind.

In al-Muniqdz min al-Dhalal, al-Ghazali that Ibn Sina had promised to God in one of her will, among other things that he would respect the shari'ah does not neglect the spiritual and physical service and will not be drinking - drinking to satisfy lust, but for the health and obta.Ibn Sina's life was full of activities of hard work. Time spent on the affairs of state and write, so he has stomach ulcers that can not be remedied. At the age of 58 years (428 AH / 1037 CE) Ibn Sina died and was buried in Hamazan.

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Biography Thomas Alva Edison

Edison's invention of the ball apling phenomenal lights, if there are no words of Thomas Alva Edison, perhaps the world's darkness there's no light at night, maybe just light a candle or a torch that lights us at night. We as a generation later to respect for all services discovery. Here aladalh biography of Thomas Alva Edison


He was born in Milan, Ohio, United States on February 11, 1847. In his childhood in the United States, Edison always got bad grades in school. Therefore, his mother let him out of school and teach them at home. At home with a small Edison can freely read scientific books and began to hold up a variety of scientific experiments alone.

Although no schools, small Edison exhibit a deep curiosity and always wanted to try. Before reaching school age he was dissecting the animals, not to torture these animals, but driven by pure curiosity large. At the age of eleven Edison built a simple chemical laboratory in the basement of his father's house. A year later he managed to make a telegraph that although the shape of primitive but functional.
At age 12 she began working as a newspaper seller, fruit and sweets on the train. Then he became a telegraph operator, he moved from one city to another. In New York he was asked to become head of an important telegraph machine. The machines were sent to all business news leading company in New York.


1861 year civil war between the states north and south. This topic to the attention of people. Thomas Alva Edison saw this opportunity and bought an old printing equipment for 12 bucks, and then print their own newspaper called "Weekly Herald". This newspaper was the first newspaper printed on a train and fairly sold. Oplahnya reached 400 a day.

At this time Edison was almost lost his hearing due to an accident. But he did not regard it as defective even consider it as an advantage because he has a lot of time to think than to listen to empty talk.

In 1868 Edison got a job as a telegraph operator in Boston. Spent all his spare time to conduct engineering experiments. This year also he found the electric intercom system.

Thomas Alva Edison received his first patent for the electric vote recorder tool but nothing is interested in buying so he switched to a commercial discovery. The first invention is the development of commercial stock ticker. Edison sells penemuaannya to a company and get money for 40,000 dollars. This money is used by Edison to open a company and a laboratory in Menlo Park, New Jersey. In this laboratory he spawned a variety of discovery and change the pattern of life most of the people in the world.

In 1877 he found a phonograph. In this year also he busied himself with the problem at that time to the attention of many researchers: incandescent lamps. Edison realized how important such a light source for the life of mankind. Edison therefore devote all her energy and time, and spend the money as many as 40,000 dollars over a period of two years to make a light bulb experiment. The problem is how to find fluorescent materials can reply when electrified, but not burned. A total of approximately 6000 materials tried. Through the efforts Edison, finally, on October 21, 1879 was born the first electric incandescent lamp capable of burning for 40 hours.
In 1882 he installed electric lights in the streets and houses as far as one kilometer in the city of New York. This is the first time in the world of electric lights in use on the streets. In 1890, he founded the General Electric company.

There are many other Edison inventions useful. Overall Edison had 1039 patents produced. His discovery is rarely mentioned among others: printing telegraph, electric pen, the process of magnetic mines, torpedoes electricity, synthetic rubber, alkaline batteries, cement mixer, microphone, carbon telephone transmitter and motion picture projector.

Thomas Edison was also instrumental in the field of cinema. He combines photographic film that George Eastman had developed into the film industry that produces millions of dollars it is today. He also made the Black Maria, a mobile film studio that was built in revolving lines.

He died at the age of 84, on the anniversary of the famous inventions, the modern light bulb.
In 1928 he received the award in the form of a special medal from the United States Congress.

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